Decor Leader was born after 30 years of activity and experience in the field of edgebandings of its founding members. The knowledge of products and the market requirements have lead to the birth of this company in 2014 with investments focused on satisfying demands of better and higher quality service also in such a complementary product as an edgebanding can be.

Decor Leader is unique as it has born for edgebandings production in decorated plastic exclusively with digital printing system and this is a distinctive feature among its competitors.

Decor Leader works with major extruded plastic materials production companies and this allows the company to be more competitive and to have a very high quality raw material on which decorations can be made.

Bases are made with several plastic materials available on our industry as ABS,PP,PET and ABS/PMMA on our own specific formulation. This choice allows us to focus all our commitment and investment just on product decoration process.


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